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What to Eat During and After Oral Cancer Treatment

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
What to Eat During and After Oral Cancer TreatmentOral cancer treatment can involve either surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy, depending on the cancer stage. During and after the treatment, your body works hard to prevent the multiplication of cancer cells and repair and replace the damaged cells. It is always a good practice to ensure your diet is good during this period. Some of the foods you should consider eating include:


Oatmeal offers your body rich sources of proteins, carbs, and antioxidants. It also contains healthy fats for your body. The creamy texture of oatmeal is quite good, especially if you have mouth sores.


During oral cancer treatment, it is customary to loose your appetite. Avocados have a high level of calories and will increase energy during and after the treatment. You can smash the avocado to make swallowing relatively easy, especially if you have sores in your mouth.

Homemade Smoothies

During and after the oral cancer treatment, you can experience problems such as difficulty chewing and swallowing food. Smoothies are a great alternative to ensure your body gets the required nutrients. You can add veggies and fruits to the smoothies.

High-Protein Foods

It is essential to focus on eating foods that are rich in proteins. These foods will ensure your body is strong and help repair damaged cells. Foods such as eggs, beans, cheese, chicken, milk, lean meat, and yogurt are ideal. The proteins also help build muscle, which is essential for patients who have problems eating. You will also require high protein sources to help heal tissues and prevent infections.


Water or juice are great fluids that you should add to your diet. Fluids help to flush off toxins from your body and minimize the side effects of oral cancer treatment. Treatment methods such as radiation and chemotherapy tend to dehydrate your body thus, you will require more fluids.


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