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What Are The Most Common Oral Surgeries?

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
What Are The Most Common Oral Surgeries?Among all oral surgeries, wisdom teeth extraction is highly common. The average part of the mouth barely has room to support two additional teeth located at the back. Due to this, removing wisdom teeth is required. A dentist must take an x-ray to understand when and why your wisdom teeth need removal. The process is now more comfortable due to recent advancements. The recovery process is fast, and the procedure is carried out gently.

Dental Implant Surgery

Replacement of teeth is not an automatic process carried out by human bodies. The teeth are readily available during birth, but the replacement does not happen. Dentists have come up with a solution to recover any missing teeth by use of artificial duplicates. Once the artificial teeth are complete, dental implantation is carried out on a patient to fill the empty gaps and works like natural teeth. Implants are now improving the lives of many people.

Facial Trauma and Mouth Surgeries

In patients with facial trauma, lacerations and broken bones are common. Due to those two, survivors suffer from emotional and physical trauma. However, there is a solution. Some experienced and trained experts can fix facial trauma damage. A treatment option is defined by the extent of wounds found on a patient. Oral specialists understand this sensitive and complex procedure better than anyone.

Corrective Jaw Surgeries

The jaw is the common cause of various oral issues. A poorly aligned jawbone is the most underrated condition that can hinder tasks such as breathing, eating, and speaking. A specialist can correct the jaw alignment by conducting surgery. If you want to identify whether you need jaw surgery, contact the best jaw surgeon you can find through referrals from friends. Check for the qualifications of the surgeon too.


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