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Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?One common rite of passage for young individuals is having their wisdom teeth extracted. However, this procedure is not performed on everyone.

Since third molars often do not cause problems with one's teeth or gums, some people opt to keep them. In some situations, some people do not develop their wisdom teeth. Why is this and how can one determine if they have wisdom teeth?

Why do Some People Never Develop Wisdom Teeth?

Some people may not get their wisdom teeth for a variety of reasons. This may be due to genetics. Most theories agree that our ancestors needed a third set of molars to chew the hard food they ate.

Today we prefer to eat meals that do not require much chewing or digestive effort. Thus, the human genome may change to accommodate this way of life. Eating habits, environmental influences, and the necessity of chewing food can all affect the development of wisdom teeth.

How Determine If You Have Wisdom Teeth?

Those with wisdom teeth can usually feel them in the back of their mouth. But just because you cannot feel your third molars when you run your tongue along your teeth does not imply you do not have them. Most of the time, they become stuck below the gum level.

You should see your dentist to find out if you have wisdom teeth. The presence and number of these teeth can be easily determined using regular X-ray. Some people only have one, whereas the majority have four. Some people even manage to have five!

Regular dental checkups are essential for everyone, but they are especially crucial for teenagers and young adults who still miss their wisdom teeth. Once your third molars have emerged, your dentist will be able to evaluate their impact on your oral health and advise you on the best course of action.

If you feel your wisdom teeth might put your oral health to risk or have questions about wisdom teeth, do not hesitate to reach us.


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