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3 Warning Signs Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Posted on 5/8/2023 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
3 Warning Signs Of Impacted Wisdom TeethThird molars or wisdom teeth become impacted when they fail to erupt and get stuck inside the gum tissue. Impacted wisdom teeth can result in many dental problems including pain and damage to other teeth.

However, sometimes impacted teeth cause no immediate dental problems. Nonetheless, since they are hard to clean, wisdom teeth may be more susceptible to gum disease and decay than the rest of your teeth. Here, we give you three signs indicating that your wisdom teeth are impacted.

Swollen Gums or Jaw

Often, when wisdom teeth are erupting, it is normal to expect swollen gums or swelling along the jawline. People with impacted wisdom teeth may have swelling not only on the jaws but also on shoulder glands, face, neck, sinuses, gums, and around the jawline. You might want to see a dentist if you notice swelling of the jaw or gums without any obvious reason, particularly if it's towards the back of the mouth.

Bad Breath and Taste

Since these teeth grow at the rear areas of the mouth, they may be hard to clean. When they finally break through the surface, they may cause small crevices to develop between the new teeth and the soft gum tissues, creating a hiding place for bacteria and debris. This can lead to a bad taste or breath.


Some people experience inflammation in other parts of the body such as on the TMJ joint or one side of their face. Oftentimes, this pain can be mistaken for sinus infection or allergies. Therefore, it is vital to contact our dentist and make an appointment immediately.

A dentist will remove impacted dental teeth that cause dental complications like pain. Our oral surgeon also recommends the removal of those wisdom teeth that do not seem to pose any dental complications presently in order to avoid problems occurring in the future. Visit us for your wisdom teeth extraction at our dental clinic.


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