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What Is The Hard Bony Lump I Feel On My Gum?

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Weo Admin
a close up of healthy gums and pearly teethYou always check your mouth to see that no unusual tissues are growing. Sometimes, you even use the tongue to feel different areas of the mouth for any abnormalities. If you find a hard, bony lump appearing along the gumline, you may begin to worry. However, you shouldn't panic about it. Most cases of these bony lumps are not a cause for alarm. A dental surgeon should be able to diagnose the issue and treat your gums so that they remain healthy.

What Could Be That Hard, Bony Lump?

Bony growths can be found along the gumline in the areas where the jawbone meets external tissues. These lumps are referred to as osteomas or exostosis, and they grow over the existing bone. Chronic bone injuries, irritations, or tooth extractions are possible causes for these bony growths. Even so, there may be other things responsible for the hard, bony tissue growth along your gumline. Among these are:

Canker Sore

You may develop ulcers along the surfaces of the mouth, including the gums. These are referred to as canker sores. They may disappear over time, but a dentist can offer medication to reduce pain.


Bubble pockets containing clear liquid, air, as well as other substances may form on the gumline. They may be infected over time and could become painful if left untreated.

Dental Abscesses

Since an abscess is a direct byproduct of an infection in the tooth, you need to get it cleared out. Abscesses can arise due to poor oral hygiene, weak immune system, dental trauma, poor diet, or even impacted wisdom teeth.


These are the most common types of hard, bony lumps within the mouth. They are noncancerous growths and often arise after the gums are irritated or injured or after surgery. Fibromas are harmless and an oral surgeon can remove them.

Talk to our dental surgeon about hard, bony lumps in the mouth. Other conditions like tumors and oral cancer can also contribute to these kinds of lumps. Therefore, proper screening and diagnosis are needed.


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