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Did you know garlic was your teeth's secret weapon?

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
a woman getting a dental examSome foods are good for your teeth. Garlic is one of them and is responsible for a couple of functionalities in the human mouth. You may think of it as a staple food in Italian cooking due to its pungent aroma, but it is used to alleviate tooth pain in individuals too. This and other functionalities that garlic offers are mentioned below.

Why garlic

Garlic's antibacterial properties help to fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. They have a compound called allicin, which kills bacteria and fungal infections. To activate this property, one has to chew, crush or slice the garlic while it is raw.

In addition to that, garlic helps in fighting against cavities. The sulfur compounds that are in garlic help in the prevention of the formation of plaque. Plaque is responsible for the production of harmful acids that corrode with the tooth enamel causing tooth cavities and tooth decay.

Moreover, the antibacterial properties of garlic are essential in the prevention of gingivitis. Gum disease is caused by the presence of harmful bacteria that is brought by plaque buildup. The formation of the thiosulfates helps to kill the bacteria within 10 to 60 seconds of chewing or intake. Thiosulfates are formed when the acid in the allicin reacts with other acids.

Sulfur compounds that are present in garlic lower the risk of oral cancer. These compounds help to reduce the growth of cancer cells and reduce the development of tumors in the mouth. These sulfur properties also help by reducing the inflammation in the gums preventing swelling and redness of the gums.

Finally, garlic helps in maintaining fresh breath. While temporarily it may cause bad breath, garlic consumption can help by eliminating the odor in the mouth resulting in fresher breath. Garlic also contains antibiotic properties that help to reduce pain caused by defects in the mouth.

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