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Important Information To Remember When Seeking Treatment for Dental Pain

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
a woman getting a dental examDental pain refers to a sensitive or sore tooth. You might experience prolonged dental pain or only experience it when eating or having a drink. Either way, letting our dental professionals know what you are experiencing is essential. Such pain usually suggests a possible problem that demands urgent dental treatment. Our professionals are ready to fix the problem if you have symptoms that indicate underlying dental issues. Some common conditions pain is linked with are tooth decay and root infection. Telling us exactly what you are feeling will help us determine the problem. Note that certain symptoms are associated with specific dental issues.

A Sensitive or Painful Tooth Could Mean Cavities

Sensitivity or pain concentrated in a single tooth could indicate a tooth cavity. Persistent dental sensitivity may mean that you have an underlying tooth infection. In that case, a root canal is needed. Our experts perform this procedure and then place a dental crown on the affected tooth to protect it. Crowns are effective in protecting your teeth and maintaining your appearance. Once you get a dental crown, you must take good care of it. Ensure the crown is always in good condition by cleaning it and avoiding chewing on hard foods like ice. Doing so goes a long way in ensuring their durability. Always let us know what you feel during an oral check so we can pinpoint the dental problem and whether you might need a dental crown.

Recognizing TMJ Dysfunction

There are many signs of TMJ dysfunction. Some of them include struggling to chew, bite, or speak normally. You could also experience acute headaches and pain around your face and neck. If you are experiencing these symptoms, always let our experts know. TMJ dysfunction can be a very frustrating condition, but luckily, it is treatable. However, if the condition is left untreated for long, it might get worse and lead to devastating consequences like tooth loss. Our professionals will examine the condition and provide relevant treatment. Visit our offices for more information on what you should look for when experiencing dental pain or discomfort.


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