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Types of Cosmetic Surgeries

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
Types of Cosmetic SurgeriesA facelift is a cosmetic surgical technique in which extra skin is removed, and the underneath muscles of the skin are tightened. The result is a rejuvenated face with tighter, younger-looking skin. Facial resurfacing is a rapid and minimally invasive technique to minimize the impression of skin issues, including breakouts and sun damage, while also treating the indications of aging.

Forehead and Brow Lift

One of the first locations on the face exhibits indications of aging in the upper part of the face. The frontal and brow area begins to show lines and sag as people age due to gravity and collagen loss. A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, smooths out creases and lines on the forehead and repositions the brows for a more youthful appearance.

Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic procedure for reshaping or reducing the size of the nose. It can be performed to enhance the nose's appearance for better facial symmetry or to correct respiratory problems. It is commonly referred to as a nose job or nose surgery.

As the skin loses elasticity and muscles weaken, parts of the face and neck might sag, notably around the eyes. The brows may also droop as a result of the loose skin. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a procedure that tightens the skin around the eyes and gives them a more natural, sleek appearance.

Other Cosmetic Procedures

A minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can help you reclaim your youthful appearance. BOTOX is an injectable solution that works to minimize the fine lines and wrinkles and worry lines. Dermal fillers are injected beneath the skin to enhance volume and reduce the impression of blemishes and deep wrinkles.

Even with a healthy diet and frequent exercise, some areas of body fat remain recalcitrant. Cool sculpting is a nonsurgical, FDA-approved procedure that freezes cells, forcing them to die off in a process known as apoptosis. Fat cells that remain will continue to build fat in the usual way, and you can keep it off for good with diet and exercise. Cool sculpting can help men and women achieve their aesthetic objectives and feel secure.


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