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What Are the Benefits of Professional Jaw Surgery

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
What Are the Benefits of Professional Jaw SurgeryProfessional jaw surgery involves the restoration of jaws and teeth to enhance the jaw's functioning. Typically, this surgery mainly aims at fixing a misaligned bite. Notably, this surgery is well-known to improve your appearance, self-esteem, and speech. In addition, professional surgery will bring other helpful benefits. Here are some other benefits of professional jaw surgery to your medical well-being:

Proper Pronunciation

Your jaw's alignment can impact your pronunciation and speech. It cannot be easy to shape certain words if your jaws aren't aligned. If you note that your speech is not so good, you should consider a professional jaw surgery. This procedure will realign your jaw structure, allowing you to pronounce words correctly.

Pain Relief

A misaligned jaw will trigger pain in most people, necessitating the need to receive professional jaw surgery. For instance, patients with facial deformities experience temporomandibular joint derangements (TMJ).

Also, misaligned jaws can lead to unnecessary stress and strain, frequent popping, reduced how wide you can open your mouth, and pain. Your jaws will be placed and aligned properly during a professional jaw surgery. Later, you will notice a decrease in strain and pain after your jaws are realigned.

Reduced Wear

A jaw realignment will give your teeth a break. Typically, your teeth have to work over-time to function properly while not aligned, sometimes with unnecessary tear and wear. This can lead to tooth loss, damage, and decay due to too much pressure on your teeth. Luckily, professional jaw surgery will even out the amount of pressure you have everytime you bite down. Optimal pressure distribution in your teeth will reduce the amount of tooth wear. Thus, professional jaw surgery will keep your teeth healthy by reducing unnecessary tears and wear.

Enhanced Bite

A misaligned jaw can bring up chewing problems. It can be challenging to eat certain foods without an optimal bite function. Professional jaw surgery can provide a healthier bite by repositioning your teeth. This will allow you to enjoy various types of foods without biting complications comfortably. Further, this can help reduce stomach complications associated with defects in chewing foods.


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