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Jawbone Loss and Deterioration Charlotte NC

Concerned patient discussing her symptoms while sitting in a dental chair experiencing jawbone loss and deterioration at Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery in Charlotte, NCThe jawbone is integral to your oral health. It supports your teeth, gums, cheeks, and other facial features. It also plays a critical role in your oral function, including your ability to chew and speak. Jawbone loss might compromise your oral and overall health. It can increase the chances of tooth loss, limit chewing ability, and distort facial features. It can also inhibit speech or expand the sinus. If you are experiencing jawbone deterioration, visit our clinic at Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery for professional bone grafting in Charlotte, NC. Our oral surgeon will help regenerate your compromised bone structure to restore oral function.

What is Jawbone Loss and Deterioration?

Jawbone loss or deterioration is when the bone in your lower or upper jaw erodes or diminishes gradually over time. The condition might result from tooth loss, dental trauma, and gum disease. Other causes include oral deformities, sinus deficiencies, and teeth misalignment.

The jawbone requires adequate stimulation through biting and chewing to maintain its structure and integrity. If you lose one or more teeth without replacing them, the jawbone might deteriorate gradually due to lack of stimulation.

Replacing lost teeth can help maintain jawbone health. You can replace missing teeth by consulting and visiting with our dentist at for quality dental implants in Charlotte.

Signs and Symptoms of Deteriorated Jawbone

The symptoms of jawbone loss might not be evident in the initial stages. As bone loss escalates, the signs become more apparent. You might experience symptoms like increased sensitivity, inability to chew properly, and inhibited speech. Other symptoms include misaligned or loose teeth, throbbing pain, headaches, and collapsed facial structure.

How to Reverse Jawbone Loss and Deterioration

While jawbone loss can cause severe complications, it is highly reversible with early diagnosis. Restoring jawbone health depends on the underlying cause and the extent of loss. In most cases, patients may undergo bone grafting to reconstruct deteriorated jawbone.

Bone grafting is a surgical technique for regenerating new bone or adding volume to deteriorated bone. The procedure transfers bone tissue from your tibia or hip to the site, facilitating bone regeneration.

The main types of bone grafts include socket preservation and ridge augmentation. Socket preservation fills your tooth socket immediately after extraction, preventing the socket from collapsing. Ridge augmentation increases the volume and width of a deteriorated jawbone, providing an adequate foundation for dental implants.

Other popular options include sinus lift and periodontal bone graft. Sinus lift restores the sinus into position before a dental restoration procedure. Periodontal bone graft reverses the erosive effects of gum disease by providing support for loose teeth. After a dental examination, our dentist will determine the appropriate bone graft when you check into our clinic for bone grafting in Charlotte.

Restore Your Jawbone with Bone Grafting Charlotte, NC

Healthy jawbones are critical to your facial structure and oral function. Visit our clinic at Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery or call us at (980) 332-7990 and let us restore your jawbone with expert bone grafting in Charlotte.


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