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Tooth Extraction Pineville

Happy, senior patient looking at himself in a mirror at Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery in Charlotte, NCAn excruciating toothache can cause sleepless nights and pain-filled days.

If you have experienced a toothache, you understand the discomfort it can cause. It can get worse when eating overly cold or warm foods.

Any pain in your teeth should be taken seriously and should be examined by a professional to determine the cause.

Those who suffer from dental cavities, advanced tooth decay, gum disease, or an injury to a tooth may need to have it extracted.

Tooth extractions offer the best solution for most dental problems in which pain is the primary complaint.

At Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery, we understand how unbearable a toothache can be. For this reason, we are always ready to examine you and help find a solution to your tooth problems.

Why do I need a tooth extraction?

One of the main reasons you might want to have your tooth extracted is if it causes serious pain when you chew food.

Sensitivity in teeth is mainly caused by cavities, gum disease, advanced tooth decay, or tooth trauma. A large cavity, beyond the point of repair, can cause a great deal of pain and typically needs to be extracted.

The other reason a tooth needs to be removed is when it has been damaged beyond repair by a traumatic injury.

Impact on your teeth during vigorous activities like participating in sports can lead to serious oral cavity injuries. If the tooth is broken and the fracture cannot be repaired, we will suggest having your tooth removed.

We also advise individuals who suffer from advanced gum disease to have their teeth extracted to stop the infection from interfering with surrounding tissue.

If your gums have weakened the tooth to the point they cannot support it, we will advise you to have the tooth removed as well.

Tooth removal is also necessary for children. Oftentimes, we need to remove wisdom teeth.

If your child's teeth are not falling out in due course and permanent teeth are starting to protrude, tooth extraction is a viable solution.

Tooth extraction can also be applied when our office is placing dental implants. If you want to restore your smile with dental implants, we will likely need to remove a tooth for the implant.

What happens during a tooth extraction?

Teeth extraction does not have to be a complicated procedure. In many cases, our team will be able to extract the teeth in a simple procedure.

The surgical area will be numbed so that you will feel minimal or no pain during the procedure. Our professionals will help you prepare for the surgery so that you will know what to expect.

For surgical extractions, the procedure may be done under anesthesia.

After a tooth is extracted, some bleeding is expected. Recovery can take a few days in many cases. Applying cold packs as necessary will help relieve pain and reduce swelling.

What to Expect After Teeth Extractions

After undergoing a tooth extraction, our office will provide aftercare guidelines to follow at home. It is important to follow the instructions to minimize discomfort and to allow complete healing.

There might be swelling or soreness following the procedure.

Do not be alarmed if you feel a little mild discomfort when eating or drinking for the first few days. This is normal. You may use over-the-counter medications to help with the soreness or swelling.

If need be, our dentist will prescribe medications for a few days following the procedure to help cope with any symptoms you may have.

Extraction services in Pineville NC

If you suffer a broken tooth, have cavities, or are experiencing any type of pain, feel free to talk to us. We will help determine the cause of the problem and provide the best solution.

Contact our Pineville office at (980) 332-7991 for more information about extractions.


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