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Am I Candidate for Dental Implants? Charlotte NC

Diagram of a single dental implant from Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery in Charlotte, NCIf you are suffering from tooth loss, a dental implant is recommended to prevent jaw bone degradation and is more durable as compared to other procedures. Although it may sound dramatic, dental implants have helped many patients who were frequently self-conscious about their toothless smiles regain their confidence and well-being.

Although dental implants are among the best patient options, it's crucial to ascertain whether you qualify for this particular procedure. While the first step to determining your eligibility starts with a trip to Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery, there are some factors that you can consider.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Dental Implant?

A common question on the dental implant FAQ forums is, “Am I a good candidate for a dental implant?” For those who are wondering, here are a few signs that you are ready for a dental implant.
•  Non-smoker.
•  Patience.
•  Having multiple missing teeth.
•  You understand the process.


This will increase your chances of becoming a good implant candidate if you don't smoke. This is because smoking can make the healing process for treatment more difficult, which increases the risk of infection. A person who wants to stop smoking may qualify. The degree of their commitment to quitting, their smoking history, and the number of cigarettes they smoke each day are further considerations.


Those committed to maintaining good dental hygiene are ideal candidates for dental implants. Plaque may be removed with the help of flossing, brushing, and using mouthwash, which in turn helps to protect the applicant from infection during the implant surgery. Twice-yearly dental checkups are also recommended.

A patient and doctor evaluating dental implant placement

Having Multiple Missing Teeth

Multiple lost teeth can be replaced by dental implants. A partial or full denture can be attached to the implants to replace the entire missing arch, and the dentist can connect a dental bridge to replace a segment of missing teeth.

Dental implants are less restrictive when it comes to what you can and cannot eat than conventional full dentures are. Additionally, many patients say that transitioning from dentures to dental implants results in a more comfortable fit.

You Understand the Process

Compared to using fixed bridges or conventional dentures, the dental implant procedure is more intensive. This implies that people who select dental implants must fully comprehend the process and feel at ease undergoing a dental surgery to insert the implant as well as any necessary procedures beforehand (for example, a bone grafting procedure). Naturally, the dentist will be there at each stage to ensure everything is safe, comfortable, and goes as planned.

Dental Implant Consultation Charlotte NC

With our experience in tooth extraction, dental implants, and inserting a dental bridge, you are sure to get that perfect smile back in no time here at Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery. To schedule an appointment for your dental implant procedure near you, call us at (980) 332-7990 today.


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Candidates for Dental Implants | Charlotte NC
Although dental implants are among the best patient options, it's crucial to understand whether you qualify for it. Give us a call, we'll help you today!
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