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Can Oral Surgery Affect your Sinuses?

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
Can Oral Surgery Affect your Sinuses?The sinus structure is closely related to the oral cavity due to its proximity to the upper molars. In addition, complications can impact the sinus's integrity in dental practice and treatments.

Effects that can occur to the Sinuses during an Oral Surgery

The positioning of the sinuses in the oral area can contribute to infections and damage during tooth extraction. However, the position of the sinuses in the oral formation varies from person to person. Some have a sinus distant from the tooth root, while others have closer sinuses.

Furthermore, for individuals with sinuses closer to the tooth root, the possibility of harm to the sinus is possible. Sinus effects develop due to the multiple continuous perforations to the sinus during oral surgery. They can lead to the build-up of infections and result in sinus drainage, which is unpleasant to oral health.

Symptoms of Sinus damage during an Oral Surgery

Multiple nose bleeds from the extraction area, liquid drainage from the nose while drinking, and air from the nose to the mouth while breathing make it difficult for the patient to have standard breathing patterns.

How to Prevent Sinus damage during an Oral Surgery

The oral surgeon in place should identify the closeness of the sinuses with the tooth root. If they are too close, the surgeon should recommend a sinus lift to prevent infections and damage throughout the surgery.

If an exposed sinus is detected, the oral surgeon must close the extraction site and provide the necessary medication to prevent the build-up of infections during the healing process. Also, taking precautions required to protect the sinus is vital.

In conclusion, though there may be chances of damage to the sinuses during tooth extractions, an experienced oral surgeon reduces these damages since they know how to prevent infections during oral surgery.


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