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Anesthesia Charlotte NC

Dental assistant fitting a sedation mask over the nose of her calm female patient at Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery in Charlotte, NCA visit to the dentist can be a pleasant experience, thanks to sedation dentistry.

This treatment option involves administering anesthesia to patients to ensure they are comfortable before, during, and after a dental procedure.

Our licensed oral surgeon provides sedation dentistry in Charlotte to all patients who visit us at Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery for various dental procedures.

Our goal is to make your experience as comfortable as possible during treatment.

What Is Dental Anesthesia?

Dental anesthesia is a medication given to patients to make them calm, safe, and poised during a dental procedure.

It causes a numbing sensation or induces sleep, making invasive dental procedures painless.

Following advances in sedation dentistry, patients can feel safe and comfortable about honoring a routine or pre-scheduled appointment with the dentist.

Types of Dental Anesthesia

Dental anesthesia is available in three main categories.

These include local anesthesia, sedation, and general anesthesia.

Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia numbs a particular area of your teeth or gums by blocking pain transmitters.

It is safe for minor procedures such as cavity work, root scaling, and simple tooth extractions.

Our oral surgeon may apply a topical anesthetic to soothe sores before injecting local anesthesia into the treatment site to numb it.


Sedation is available in different levels, including minimal, moderate, and deep sedation.

Minimal sedation uses nitrous oxide or laughing gas to deliver a calming effect through inhalation during simple dental procedures.

The patient will remain fully conscious during treatment, and it is safe for dental implants and wisdom tooth extraction.

Moderate IV sedation delivers a soothing effect and relieves pain through an intravenous injection, with patients drifting between partial and full consciousness.

This option is safe for impacted wisdom teeth extraction.

General Anesthesia

Deep sedation and general anesthesia are similar.

They induce sleep, with patients remaining unconscious throughout the procedure.

They are safe for more intensive oral procedures like orthodontic surgery and replacing dental implants in Charlotte.

a woman undergoing nitrous sedation for dental services Charlotte, NC

Who Is the Right Candidate for Dental Anesthesia?

Dental anesthesia is ideal for patients with a low pain threshold or sensitive teeth.

We also recommend it for patients who require extensive dental restorations to make them comfortable throughout the procedure.

However, children, older adults, and pregnant women need special precautions before opting for dental anesthesia.

Moreover, people with chronic conditions of the heart, liver, and kidneys may have to consult one of our dentists for a thorough assessment before using anesthesia.

Benefits of Anesthesia in Sedation Dentistry

Anesthesia has transformed the dental industry and how oral surgeons do their work.

It is safe and allows patients to feel calm and comfortable during lengthy or complex dental procedures.

The best part is that anesthesia allows patients to select elective dental procedures for improved oral health.

Learn More about Sedation Dentistry in Charlotte NC

Thanks to anesthesia, you can now look forward to undergoing a dental procedure in a safe and comfortable setting.

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