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Management of Facial Fractures and Soft Tissue Injuries

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Greater Charlotte Oral and Facial Surgery
A man in dental chair ready for oral surgerySudden facial traumas causing bone fractures or cuts require prompt medical attention to properly realign structures and avoid permanent aesthetic or functional impairment like altered bite alignment or difficulty chewing. Oral surgeons use advanced 3D planning tools and microsurgical instruments for precise injury stabilization that supports optimal mends.

Prompt Treatment

Seeking emergency care quickly allows oral surgeons to preserve delicate facial tissues. They first strategically clean wounded areas while inspecting for bone fragment separation or shifted tooth positions along natural fault lines. Next, imaging scans visualize interior unseen damage, like cracked maxillary sinus walls, so responses are tailored accordingly.

Precisely Realigning Fracture Sites

After assessing the complete picture, oral experts gently maneuver displaced bones back to anatomical positions using tiny plates/screws for temporary stabilization until natural mending occurs over weeks. They also strategically anchor injured teeth using wire splinting to strengthen gum/nerve connections. Swift realignment prevents uncoordinated healing.

Soft Tissue Repair

For visible lacerations, surgeons skillfully rejoin separated flaps/layers with delicate sutures, promoting invisible scar healing after cleaning wounds thoroughly first. They may also graft skin from elsewhere if larger portions get compromised and lack sufficient blood flow. Muscles get aligned underneath.

Combining Cutting-Edge Tools For Best Results

Innovations like 3D medical printers, absorbable hardware, and regenerative growth biologics allow oral surgeons to customize further stabilizing facial repairs to minimize function loss. With technology advancing daily, new solutions continually emerge, helping upgrade patient outcomes.

Customized Next Steps For Individual Needs

To curb infection risks, oral surgeons prescribe antibiotic regimens while advising dietary modifications, allowing comfortable chewing without disturbing surgical sites. They also schedule frequent check-ups to ensure injuries heal on track through the coming months while refining home care approaches. Patients should discuss all concerns transparently during visits.

Acting quickly after facial accidents allows oral specialists to properly realign dental/skeletal structures while meticulously repairing aesthetic soft tissues using advanced tools/techniques to minimize permanent issues. Connect today if you have experienced facial trauma requiring professional stabilization.


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